Director's Message

From our very foot step in the travel industry, Global wide realized that there exists a need for competent and reliable service providers. Our aim was to contribute to the incredible industry and playa vital role in its development.

Global wide International Travel, Tours & Cargo LLC, was established with team of people from different nationalities with multiple years of experience in Travel & Tourism fields with a moto of “providing excellent services, satisfaction of customs & facilitate to customers. The company was not only established to provide satisfactory returns for its director, but also to function as a people company, whereby it’s employees are at all times motivated to perform a good job to serve clients to their  full satisfaction.


With seamless effort and unmatched services catering to specific client’s requirement, global wide has attained a notable position in the industry. We are proud of our achievement which would have been feasible without the sheer determination and dedication of our team, the staff of global wide . Our goal is to uphold the quality and efficiency of the service we provide and to strengthen the bond with our existing partners and form new alliances. As a service company our primary consideration must always be our clients. Global Wide and its employees are committed to providing the best quality of services to our   clients  and exceed he client expectations in terms with the high standard in field of Travel , Tourism, Holidays, Cargo, Exhibitions etc. Our professional and value added services remain our position at the forefront of the travel industry.

We are confident that our stance on competition and liberalization in aviation & tourism  is strongly in the customers interest. Global wide seek to be an active participant in key public policy debates impacting the international aviation & tourism industry.


Global wide will continue to carry on this tradition by providing   the  highest  quality service and performance to its customers and employee. Global wide is providing homeland atmosphere to its employees on foreign grounds.

On behalf of Global wide international Travel Tours and Cargo LLC, Management and Staff , I wish to reiterate our commitment  to elevating the region’s travel     & tourism industry to exceed the set international standards.

I would also like to thank our client , suppliers and tourism partners  for  their sincere efforts, sustaining a long term association and their trust in us.


Thank You all.


Mohammad Shahzad butt
Managing Director & CEO
Global Wide International Travel Tours & Cargo LLC